Make it hard for them to find you. - And simply insurmountable for them to prove they've found you.

–Aerylx Dawnseeker

Aerylx, first daughter of Haela Heartfall and Valadral Dawnseeker was born 66 years prior to the First War . She is a relatively young elven woman who practises as both an Assassin and a Magistrate; and she is the current practising leader of the Resolute Syndicate.

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Chapter 1: Birthright Edit

Aerylx was born 66 years prior to the First War to a loving mother and a drunkard father. She spent most of her childhood learning (As any child) to prepare for a life of training as a magistrate and hopefully impress her father who never seemed to be proud of her. She favoured the schools of Arcane magic and hoped to pursue training in the Arcane arts.

Shortly after her 17th birthday, her mother Haela and her father Valadral got into an argument. This arguement was fuelled by the fact that Haela found that Valadral had been associating and practising with dark warlock magic behind her back; in a coven known as The Sanctum beneath Murder Row. This argument eventually ended in bloodshed; when Valadral struck Haela down with a knife. Young Aerylx was in the wrong place at the wrong time and watched the event in horror from the stairwell alongside her brother Inethadrin.

After this; Aerylx ran away from home into the southern forests of Quel'thalas (The forest that would later become the Ghostlands) to escape from her father who had pursued her to avoid being charged for his crimes. - After her successful escape, her father spoke to his plentiful amount of friends around Silvermoon to have her found and brought home; claiming that she had "Did something that few would forgive her for". Aerylx spent the next few months living in the shadows of the trees; and never entering a civilised town.

Aerylx in her young years.

During this time, she found the combat-style of the mage to be poorly suited for wilderness survival; as the wild Lynx were very sneaky and casting a spell took time in her apprentice-level magics. To remedy this, she took two blades from a fallen Farstrider and over the next few weeks, taught herself the bases of how to swing a blade; These teachings remained with her for her entire life.

After finding her way out of Quel'thalas; the young girl took refugee in Lordaeron for years until in the year 20 when the Third War began. By this time, Aerylx was both a seasoned blade-user and a mercenary at 86 years of age after being away from home for just under 70 years. Aerylx chose to leave Lordaeron as soon as the Undead began to take settlements after the plague spread through grain distributed from Andorhal. She did this as she felt unsafe and was still very scared of the land around her.

She stayed out in the Wilderness for almost 7 years and returned to Lordaeron when the Blood Elves joined the Orcish Horde through association with the Forsaken lead by Lady Sylvannas Windrunner. She hitched a ride to Orgrimmar on a Zeppelin at Undercity and left Eastern Kingdoms behind, wanting to start a new life in the war-city she had heard so much about.

Chapter 2: Garrosh's Horde Edit

After arriving in Orgrimmar, Aerylx; now 93 years of age would be classified as a young-adult in Elven society was quick to find that there was no shortage of tasks that would earn her her keep. The girl did mercenary work and the odd task for a citizen; though she never really associated directly with the Horde for a few years. After growing tired of the spike-themed buildings and the 'dust bowl' look of the city, Aerylx left Orgrimmar to pursue bigger and better things.

During her adventures, she found herself in a remote section of the Barrens that was populated by a Horde Guild known as "Goreblade"; - Aerylx believed that Kalimdor would have no grassy plains or beautiful cities like her homeland, - So seeing little other opportunity, she decided to join the Goreblade Regiment after impressing their Warlord.


Aerylx during the time she served the Horde, fighting the Alliance.

Young Aerylx showed a lot of potential with her fighting style; having an almost impeccable cross between dexterity and prowess in the mind, she impressed the Warlord; Lorack Bonetooth and they grew to be relatively close friends. Even to the point where Lorack would call her "Daughter" as he saw himself in her with her infinitely-fuelled rage yet calm demeanour and she'd call him "Father" as she'd never really had a proper father before.

Rising through the ranks quickly and making many of the Orcs jealous, - Aerylx was called as a General and was given new armouments as well as shining new weaponry. The girl took quickly to the power and became prideful as well as strict in her rulings. Despite this, she showed her strategy-skills to be on point and amazing. She always stood at the map-table in the center of the keep, as if planning though it was really just her being curious about what the world truly looks like.

After many events unfolded and Aerylx served the Horde professionally, she saw herself grow more distant from who she used to be and wanted to be, often remembering the young innocent girl that left her homeland just so she could get away from conflict, whereas now she was fuelling it.

One night when she was 96 years of age. Aerylx faked her own death in combat by planting her insignia on a corpse because she knew that leaving the Horde would result in a death-sentence for desertion.

She kept her head low and managed to return to the Eastern Kingdoms by Zeppelin. It was around this time that she disgusised herself under a new name, "Eleanna Dawnseeker" to avoid being noticed if any of her old comrades were to pass by. The girl returned to Quel'thalas to live her life out; but she couldn't get away from the thoughts of fighting because of how good it made her feel when she fights, with the adrenaline rushing through her veins. She missed and craved it.

Chapter 3: Rise to Prominence Edit

Knowing she could not go back to Goreblade after feigning her own death, she travelled back up north into Quel'Thalas and to Silvermoon after hearing from her brother, - With whom she'd remained in-contact with that her father had been found to be dealing illegal substances within Silvermoon City and arrested. A few weeks back at Silvermoon and Eleanna had joined a group within Silvermoon known as The Associates; Eleanna found it hard to adapt to taking orders from anybody other than an Orc; or herself, and because of this, was seen as very rebelleous to her orders.

During this time; Orcs began to cause a lot of trouble within Silvermoon City; ranging from causing street brawls to threatening civilians and assuming prominence and claiming power. This whole event agitated Eleanna greatly; and after witnessing a child cleaved in twain by an Orc Berserker; Eleanna decided she had had enough. She rallied a group of her close friends back together; and after leaving the Associates that had started to dwindle in operations; she reformed the Fear of the Shadow. - Under a new name, the Resolute Shade.

Chapter 4: Resolution Edit


Honour Edit

To Aerylx; Honour is not a reputation value as it is to the Orcs of the Horde; Nor is it a "gateway" to an afterlife of beauty and paradise. Aerylx sees honour as her self-view and how she'll view herself. Because of her childhood, she'll never attack a child that cannot defend itself as her father wanted to do with her. She'd also never want to murder parents because she wouldn't want the children to go through the wilderness she went through.

She'll never kill anybody she sees as innocent. If they've done nothing wrong, she'll never take up arms towards them, nor will she let anybody else. She does all of this because she wants to redeem herself for the horrible acts she's committed over the years in the name of survival and the Horde.

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Aerylx is slightly above average height for most female Sin'dorei elves, standing at five foot eleven. She has fair silvery-blonde hair that is usually tied in a ponytail to avoid getting in her way during combat but it is occasionally let down and falls just below her shoulderline in terms of length.

Aerylx Eye

Shinier than your future ;)

Her eyes are a shining light emerald-shade of green in terms of their lower than average fel concentration that can easily be considered hypnotising if gazed into. She has plump lips and a fairly flat nose that hardly points out. She rarely wears any makeup, if any at all.

Her teeth are pure white and in near-perfect condition and her smile; although rare is beautiful and shining. She prefers to smile with her teeth during more sarcastic smiles and give a more "lip-full" smile when it is genuine.


Now that is a butt!

Her body is fairly plump yet nowhere near fat; despite packing a little bit of meat on her bone, she also has a large amount of muscle throughout her entire body, from muscular biceps to abdominal abs that easily form the notoriously sought after "6-pack" (At least for guys). It's clear from looking at her body; even when covered by her common thick leather armour that she works out a lot and enjoys taking care of herself.

Her entire body; Mainly her back and upper arms are rich in terms of scars and marks from the many years of battling she has seen. None of these are "seriously prominent" though. She has a tattoo of a poisoned blade and Arcane-Eye on her belly. This tattoo cuts into her skin a little and is a "dark red" in terms of colour; as if it matches blood.

Without going into too much detail; because of her exercising, Aerylx has a decently plump butt.

Speaking of armour; Aerylx usually wears relatively thick leather that is still light enough to be considered agile. With different sets for different days and tasks. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays; she's seen to be wearing a more "Green" tinted leather armour set whereas on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays she's seen to be wearing a "Black" tinted leather armour set. If she intends on going into dangerous combat; she wears a more heavier red set that.. Despite being heavier, also is more resilient to weaponry and can diffuse some spells.

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  • "You cannot preach honour when you yourself, have none."
  • "Embrace your final punishment. There's no soul to hear you scream."

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  • Aerylx was my first ever RP character; created way back in Divinity-X when I didn't know how to roleplay. She's survived at least two years; and has been RPed on Divinity-X, Roleplay Heaven and the World of Warcraft Public Test Realm!
  • Aerylx is a cross-splice between an Assassin and a Magistrate, knowing how to preform basic spells in the Arcane spell-book such as (But not limited to) Blink, Arcane Explosion and Arcane Blast as well as Slowfall.
  • Despite being under the persona "Eleanna"; Aerylx still is called "Aer" by her friends and family, even in public.
  • Her favourite colour is Purple.
  • Her favourite drink is Red Wine.
  • Aerylx chose the name "Eleanna" as it is similar to the name of her sister that recently passed away; "Erylenna".
  • Aerylx is a Aquarius.