Get back here, you insolent brat!

–Valadral Dawnseeker

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Valadral met the beautiful Haela Si'ano in the year -76 and married her in -73 after the birth of their first child, Inethadrin. From a young age, Valadral was prone to mood swings at extreme levels in that he could easily lash out. After a few years into their marriage, Valadral was found to be an alcoholic, spending a lot of his time at the Wayfarers Rest inn in Silvermoon when claiming to be away on business.

In the year -68. Valadral was approached one night during a drunken night out and was offered a new "Job" - Next thing he knew, he was practising dark Demon-based arts in The Sanctum; A Warlock "haven" located underneath Murder Row. This continued for many years; even through the birth of his second daughter; Aerylx.

He would then leave the family home in Fairbreeze Village more often to go on "Business Trips" into the Capital of Silvermoon. This continued for over fifteen years until one night a mischievous Inethadrin followed him and found the truth in the year -49.

At this time, Inethadrin had been reading up on the Light and what it was; He'd began to study intensively on the world and he knew that what his father was doing was bad. - Not knowing what to do; he told his little sister, Aerylx.

Aerylx was unable to keep a secret and eventually told her mother, - This resulted in a large arguement between Haela and Valadral; which escalated into a murder scene. After finding out it was Aerylx who told her, Valadral turned on her as well.

Young Aerylx managed to slip past him and escape the home. She ran away and despite Valadrals attempts over the next few weeks to have her tracked down by his large circle of friends around Quel'thalas; she was gone. Valadral mourned the loss of his wife and claimed that she had been murdered by bandits to avoid being charged.

Valadral and Inethadrin lived with the burden of Aerylx's departure and Haela's death on their shoulders for 26 years. Ineth was afraid of leaving as he was scared of his father attacking him, and therefore stuck by him for those years until Valadral died one night at a drunken brawl in the Wayfarers Rest after the guards got involved. Valadral had been found to be working for the Burning Legion.

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  • Despite Blood Elves not existing until around the year 22; Valadral had fel corruption in his veins from the Warlock training he'd practised during Aerylx's conception. Because of this, she was the only one of her siblings that was born with Fel-Green eyes.
  • Valadral probably spent more gold on alcohol than he did his family.