Eeep! Is that... A KITTEN?! Give me it! I want to give it cuddles!

–Eyvia Deli'laver

Eyvia Deli'laver was born 25 years prior to the First War. She is a very young adult who has been gifted with the unique ability of Arcane manipulation since her birth and has recently been artificially transformed from a High Elf to a Blood Elf.

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Biography Edit

Chapter 1: Blessed Gift Edit

Eyvia was born 25 years prior to the First War to a loving family in Silvermoon. Both her mother and father were nobles; and had dabbled with strange magics throughout pregnancy. Eyvia was born with shining eyes and was deemed "Arcane-Touched" from birth.

As soon as she was able; the girl was given a private tutor and taught the basis of Arcane arts; which she picked up VERY quickly. By the age of 20; she was an exceptional novice with the Arcane Arts.

Chapter 2: Silence Abyss Edit

At the age of 24; both her Mother and Father were found dead in their home within the Walk of Elders by distant relatives. Their bodies beyond repair. (It was later found that they had been assassinated by commission of a Lady Aerylx Dawnseeker and her gang of goons, in confusion for somebody else).

Eyvia was not told about this until months later; and she fell into a deep depression. Whereas normally she was known for her constant happiness and childish nature; she wasn't seen smiling in years. Because of this, her training went downhill; and she found it hard to focus.

Because of this; her memory was eventually erased; - All memories of her childhood were destroyed; and since that day, she acted as a child once more; barely able to understand her arcane magic that she had once been so good with. This spell was designed to last forever on her mind.

Chapter 3: The Jaedenari Edit

At the age of 54; Eyvia stumbled upon a Coven of Demons and "Cult Workers" in Felwood, when she was on a walk to Ashenvale. She had been here in a recent vision; and felt drawn to stay. After months and a lot of events; the spell on her mind began to break; and her true personality began to seep through, as she remembered everything. No longer depressed; or childish, Simply Eyvia.