A fine acquisition.

–Corvan Si'no

Corvan Si'no (Formerly Tiran Westmoor) is the current acting Underboss of the Resolute Syndicate guild. He prides himself in being a powerful Arcanist, specifically specialising in the school of Illusionary magic.

Appearance Edit

Corvan is very tall for a Half Elf, standing at 6'2 feet tall; - He definitely towers above most of his malformed kind.

His hair doesn't go below his ears, onyx-black hair with crimson red streaks that match his natural red eye colour, Corvan takes pride in his appearance, even in the midst of combat, he'll rarely dress for the occasion.

His eyes are a deep red, often clouded in latent illusionary fel energies to disguise himself as a native Blood Elf. This pairs with his ears that are sharply pointed like an Elf yet are not quite as pointed as many of his kin.

When Corvan "splits" into his common illusionary images; his images all appear semi-transparent and rid of the fel-guise on his eyes. In addition, they often shine because of how they reflect sun, similarly to glass.

Biography Edit

Childhood Edit

Born in the lush eastern forests of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, 68 years prior to the First War as a half elf, - Tirans mother was a Ranger of Quel'thalas and his father was a Knight of Lordaeron. As such, he did not fit in much around his peers in Lordaeron when he started his education.

Tirans childhood was not easy to say the least; - His mother returned to Quel'thalas when he was just six years of age as she had pressing matters to attend to with the Farstriders. His father, his brother and himself remained behind in Lordaeron so that he could start his education.


Corvan in his young years.

School was fun.. Tiran was often picked on and made to feel as scum for his appearance that wasn't necessarily weird, but it just made him stick out in comparison to the human children; even by his own brother, Rial. Tiran felt bullied and hurt constantly and felt as if he would be accepted more in the city of Silvermoon his mother used to tell him about. Because of this, his father and him journeyed into the vast forests of Quel'thalas in the year -57 when Tiran was 11 years of age.

Moving into Fairbreeze Village; a peaceful town just outside of Silvermoon City was exciting for Tiran until the hate he had put up with only got worse. Compared to the Elven children, Tiran did not have the same "glow" in his eyes that the Quel'dorei children were distinguished with, - He was also a fairly small child. He would often lash out at his bullies which would only get him in trouble, because of this - He was seen as a tramp child.

As such, Tiran kept to himself whenever he could, until he met his childhood friend, - Aerylx. Him and her got along very well surprisingly, she wouldn't bully him like the rest of the kids, but rather she found his appearence to be cute and befriended him. The two often hung out and played together till sunset, till she appeared to mysteriously vanish just a few weeks after her 17th birthday in the year -49.

Tiran spent the next few days trying to find where she could possibly have vanished to after he ruled out the possibility of her being sick, - Her father told Tiran that she wasn't feeling well, which Tiran quickly guessed to be a lie. A few days passed and one night while he was bar-tending at the local Wayfarer's Rest in Silvermoon, - Tiran overheard Aerylx's father stating that she'd ran off into the southern forests. Tiran felt as if it was his duty to protect his only friend and abandoned his post to search for her.

A few months of searching passed; he'd return home empty-handed every night, but occasionally stay out in the dusk, Tiran overheard from his father back in Lordaeron that he had seen a girl that he could swear looked identical to young Aerylx while he was out in Capital City. Tiran didn't want to take any chances of this being mere coincidence and left Quel'thalas after a few days of last-minute searching to no avail.

In the year -30, Tiran arrived in Capital City after years of working his way there. The forests were considered unsafe by Tiran because of the bandits and wildlife, although looking back, he could probably have braved it. As such, he decided to work his way there on the road and take jobs along the way, staying for a few years at a time in local towns.

Adulthood Edit

By the time Tiran reached Capital City; he was easily considered an adult by Elf standards at 38 years of age and began by the alias of "Corvan" to disguise himself from those who had wanted him back at Quel'thalas. Corvan bumped into Aerylx within a few weeks and they became great friends once again after catching up. In this time; Corvan persuaded her to meet his friends and eventually they formed a group known as Fear of the Shadow; This idea came around after finding out a bandits plan to preform a "Grand Theft" on a local inn with his gang.


Corvan in his younger years; Training as an Arcanist

Corvan served in the Fear until the year 29, just one year after the leadership, - Aerylx had left for Kalimdor to start a new life for herself. Corvan had tried to uphold the group but failed as a leader and allowed it to disband. A few months later; he traveled down to Stormwind and trained as an Arcanist in the Mage Tower. In this time; he discovered his great potential for the magic arts; - Finding himself able to pick up lessons easily, many thought this was because he was half Elf.

Skills Edit


Sanctity of Mind | Corvan has the ability to block most attempts to 'pierce' his mind. This means that speaking to Corvan via his head is near-impossible unless he wills it.


Mind Word | Corvan has the distinct ability to convey his voice and words to others via their minds if they are unable to resist it.


Instinct | Corvan's instincts are very sensitive and prone. This means that he is adept at avoiding attacks simply by dodging.

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Trivia Edit

  • Corvan shares a surname with one of Liam's old characters; Rial Si'no from Roleplay Heaven.
  • Corvan usually clouds his eyes in Fel using his illusionary magics to disguise himself as a Blood Elf.