The light is both the hand that extends a firm wave and the blade it holds..

–Aeyla Dawnseeker

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Aeyla is a kind fun-loving girl who's never enjoyed seeing any kind of conflict. Despite this, she knows when violence is unavoidable and tries to settle things as quickly and painlessly as she can. Aeyla loves talking to people to make them feel better or just to have nice casual conversation. She always tries to help anybody she can; be it by talking to them or by healing them.

It's because of this, a lot of people assume she is Inethadrin's daughter rather than Aerylx's, as she is so much more like him in terms of personality.

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  • Despite not practising any more; Aeyla is better with utilising blades than her step-sister, Kareah.
  • Aeyla was originally named "Aeylah" because the name Aeyla was taken.
  • Aeyla is one of the only Blood Elves who is loyal to the Church of the Holy Light in Stormwind.
  • Aeyla, similarly to Anduin Wrynn prefers healing though is a novice with the art of Shadow.
  • Aeyla's eyes are very hard to differentiate from those of a High Elf because of their low fel concentration; they're more blue than green and very undiluted in terms of fel.